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HI! My name is Haley and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!  Here’s a little about myself and what brought me into the wedding and event industry.  I’m a wife and busy mom.  More than anything, I love being with my family!  We reside in Collierville, TN right outside of Memphis.  Collierville is a beautiful and quaint small town with a charming town square that captured me immediately.  As a family we love being outdoors and going on trips together.  I was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta into a very large family, and I love how the river still connects us to the Delta in a way.

I’m a former teacher where I had the pleasure of working with elementary age kids.   Halfway through teaching I was reminded of a time during a college art class when we had to create an ad for our dream job.  Mine was a wedding planning business where I could assist with planning every aspect of the bride's big day.   A few years later after planning my own wedding, I knew it was time to start my wedding planning business. I enjoyed the entire process so much, especially the planning and organizing.  I also enjoyed the tiny details and wanted to make sure our wedding party knew when and where to be with no questions left unanswered!  With many traveling in from out of state I didn’t want them feeling the overwhelming, hectic energy that can come with wedding weekends.

I’ve always had an interest in decorating, flowers, and hosting which comes directly from my talented mom.  My dad is an amazing cook where he learned tips and tricks from his parents and our Italian heritage which helps me to love the culinary aspects of weddings also.  I enjoy helping clients with their menu and layout of the food as we work closely with caterers.

I've also grown up with a great respect for weddings and what they should truly be about.  It’s important to not let the details consume the wedding itself or the purpose of the wedding.  I want you to be able to focus on you and start your marriage off as stress free as possible.  I want your family to be as relaxed as possible also.  Why should such a joyous occasion involve so much stress?  It surly doesn’t have to if you start off planning your wedding or event correctly.

I’m also intrigued by the beautiful music that is incorporated into weddings or events.  I grew up watching my grandfather sing in our church and he had an Andrea Bocelli type voice that resonated with people.  I can still hear his voice as well as most that ever had the pleasure of hearing him sing.  My older brother soon fell in his footsteps along with myself singing in weddings and church from time to time.  I love connecting clients with bands and talented, ceremony musicians that meet their exact needs and price range.

In this business I have been able to fully enjoy and explore every aspect of the arts through amazing vendors in every field.   Seeing the vision all come together is truly incredible.  Pictures and videos from amazing photographers and videographers help those memories remain.

My business primarily focuses on planning the wedding or event and communicating and working with vendors and the client.  We also have stationary, handmade jewelry, and fine art available.  We enjoy designing the perfect invitations, personalized napkins and thank you notes for your event, and can do so with matching graphics so everything correlates.  We would also love to connect you to amazing wedding and event vendors and help make your planning process easier, more relaxed, and enjoyable for all.

I know my attention to detail and eye for what weddings and events should entail can make your planning process smooth.  I look forward to talking with you soon.

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